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As a specialist in risk management in Asia, and security of property and people, IAS-8 Protection advocates a preventive approach to the various problems that our customers are likely to encounter.
Our starting point is that risk is always present and therefore our task is to reduce as much as possible its impact.
IAS8 Protection offers its customers a range of services the purpose of which is to always anticipate and prevent dangerous situations from occurring.
We also offer customized services to deal with dangerous situations whenever they arise.

On call 24/7, our team can then swiftly be sent to secure the situation in coordination with local authorities

Present in 8 countries14 years of experience100% graduated agents7 Awards

Our services

“Prior to any intervention, IAS-8 Protection will conduct an audit analysing all the relevant data for the purpose of identifying existing risks and classifying them by order of occurrence data. It is on the basis of such audits that we will recommend the most contextually befitting solutions to the security policy of your company.

IAS-8 Protection
has a professional liability insurance policy with a large international groupe and has the required legal certifications in all the countries where it operates.

Security agents

Following a very strict recruitment process, all our agents are thoroughly trained by our training staff, all of whom are former security officers with a recognised expertise in their respective fields.
All our security agents in Asia have a licence allowing them to carry out their tasks and have all been cleared by the relevant authorities in the countries where they operate.
Through its quality control department and its mission reporting processes, IAS8 Protection keeps track of its agents round the clock and throughout Asia, thus ensuring a very high level of efficiency.
As a result of its reliability and the quality of the services provided, IAS8 Protection is currenty tasked with among other things the security of government buildings.
Day and night, IAS8 Protection agents provide their customers with security services for their assets, the quality of which is seldom matched in the field of individual and asset protection..

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Surveillance systems- CCTV

Remote monitoring and protection means you can monitor your buildings, your inventory of goods, the productivity and honesty of your employees.
Business premises as well as private residences must be under video surveillance and / or equipped with motion detectors.
IAS8-Protection’s Security Control Center allows it to comprehensively monitor both in real time and with video recordings all your professional and private premises. Video recordings are useful to shed light on past events that are deemed suspicious. We guarantee our clients the confidentiality of the data gathered and provide them with direct access to our CCTV from their personal devices.
Our agent analysts are there to organise operations whenever an incident arises and a situation needs to fully understood.
The CCTV control center is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment making the quality of the surveillance of your premises or equipment fully reliable.

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Close protection

With special focus on large Asia countries, our individual security services, also called close protection, is becoming increasingly relevant to an ever larger number of clients.
With a wealth of experience, a very selective recruitment process and a continuous training program by internationally recognised experts, IAS-8 Protection is fully equipped to deal with unexpected situations.
Persons under our protection are placed so either directly as they exit the plane or at their place of residence until they are safely back on the plane.
In all the Asian countries where we operate, we can manage all the administrative procedures so that the entry and exit of the VIP is carried out in the greatest fluidity.
In some cases we may be assisted by motorized local police teams for travel in urban areas.
Depending on the sensitivity of the missions our licensed agents have at their disposal ballistic and discrete individual defense means.

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